Vogue Wedding Photographer

Vogue Wedding Photographer

Proud, honoured, joyful, boondoggled, still vaguely distracted by the lingering sense memory that I haven’t seen my wallet since lunch.  These are just a few of the feelings at seeing a wedding that I shot featured so heavily in Vogue.  I knew that this amazing, transatlantic, Anglo-Indian Aynhoe Park wedding was going to be featured, but I didn’t expect 49 of my photos to go in.  I will write about this in full soon when I post the blog or both blogs (the Indian Wedding day followed by the Western wedding day).  I’ll talk about the vibrant nature of both days, the dancing, the colours, the backdrop, the groom riding a horse and Duran Duran’s John Taylor calling me over to tell me I looked like a young Johnny Lydon – but that’s not important right now.  But right now this is just a quick post to say, yep that happened, I’m now officially a Vogue Wedding Photographer, there it is in black and white internet.

The featured shot here is our stunning bride Anjuli, posing between gold tusks ala Rick James.

More to follow…

Click here for the full set: Vogue Wedding Link

vogue wedding photographer

Full Saturday wedding blogged here… 


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