Vogue Featured Wedding

Well this was some wedding.  I’ve shot Aynhoe Park weddings before, and I’m booked to shoot them again.  But this was some wedding.  I’d been looking forward to it for some time, after connecting with Anjuli and Charlie following an amazing private party deep in the heart of Wiltshire.  But despite that point of contact Anjuli and Charlie are both American, living in New York so it was a remote correspondence and I didn’t get to chat to Anjuli until the week of the wedding in a hotel cocktail bar glassy-eyed with jet lag.  But both bride and groom are the kind of people you warm to instantly and find it effortless to be around, so the day was never going to be an issue.  Or should I say both days?  I mean I should, so I will.  I’m actually blogging this in reverse order.  The Indian ceremony was the day before, and there will be a post for that.  Because how am I not going to also blog about a groom on horseback and a bride in a custom made red lehenga with a squadron of bright sari clad bridesmaids fanning out across the Aynhoe Park grounds behind her?  But today’s post is the day of the Western wedding, a subtle Vivienne Westwood gown, a fluid wedding day with a beautifully emotional ceremony that moved seamlessly through drinks, heartfelt speeches and partying late into the night.  In fact the final shot from this blog is of Anjuli’s broken heeled, jewel encrusted wedding shoes discarded on a table amongst some leftover drinks.  What better image for a lavish wedding that was simultaneously easygoing and fun, that was full of details and grandeur but never, at any point, took itself too seriously?  Oh, and to top it all off it was a Vogue Wedding.  A Vogue Wedding that featured 49 of my images spanning the two days.  *See the link below for that coverage.

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