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Much more than a wedding photographer I shoot fashion, London’s burlesque scene, celebrity and non-celebrity birthday bashes as well as actor and author portraits and straight forward headshots.


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London Wedding Photographer

London wedding photographer, shooting weddings in the UK and worldwide.


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London Fashion Photographer
I shoot fashion editorial as well as portraits of the performers of London’s drag and burlesque scene.


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London Event Photographer
Covering everything from celebrity parties, corporate functions and family photography.


My approach is very hands off.  Completely unstaged and unposed.  Now that doesn’t mean if you want something posed I won’t do it.  It just means that I won’t impose any kind of style on you.  I want the photos to be natural.  Not what your wedding photographer thinks they should be.
What if we're not comfortable in front of the camera?
Very few people are comfortable in front of the camera.  That’s why models get paid the big bucks to be freakishly okay with having their photo taken. But don’t worry, I make a point of making the couples shoots as relaxed as possible.  I won’t tell you to smile and I won’t put you into all those clichéd poses where the bride submissively rests her cheek on the groom’s shoulder blade.  It’s your wedding day.  You’re having an amazing time.  I will just photograph that.
What's important to you about our day?
What’s important is that, on the day, you are allowed to get on with your day without interruption.  If you want family photos as well as portrait photos we can do both inside half an hour.  You won’t be dragged away for hours on end, missing out on the party and the cocktails.  In terms of the photos, what’s important to me is that they accurately reflect your day as you experienced it — beautiful, stylish and romantic but without a false wedding style imposed on top.
Do you shoot film as well as digital?
The standard package is for digital only but I love film and think it offers something extra and quite special so I am more than happy to shoot film throughout the day as an add-on package.