Majorca Destination Wedding Photographer

Majorca Destination Wedding Photographer

Well really, what do you say about this wedding?  This wedding had everything.  I’m not kidding.  It had everything.  First and foremost of course, it had Laura and Justin who are very clearly in love, and were the most relaxed, open and engaging bride and groom you could meet.  Then this wedding had a guitar playing priest, a human flamenco canapé table (moving), a 15 piece samba band, jugglers, fire eaters, fireworks, a surprise wedding video by the end of the night, confetti canons and a very drunken bridesmaid auditioning for the part of Ophelia (you’ll see what I mean — it’s the final shot of the blog.. and wedding day.).  And, somehow, during all that, Laura and I still had time to stage a homage to Terry O’Neil’s iconic image of Faye Dunaway by the Château Marmont pool the morning after her Oscar victory.

Terry O’Neil Homage…

So yes, this was no ordinary Majorca Destination Wedding.  For one thing, for a destination wedding, it didn’t start late afternoon.  It started at midday.  So the guests were all armed with fans as they melted glamorously on the hotel lawn.  And throughout the day people slept, drank, drowsed, danced and generally enjoyed an amazingly generous party.  This really was a feel-good day.  Stay tuned for my blog of Monday’s after party by the pool…



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