Classic English Wedding Photography

Classic English Wedding Photography

So today, up on the blog, we have, as the title so neatly suggests, A Classic English Wedding.  A beautiful old church in Dean, and a marquee wedding reception at the family home five minutes walk away up a gently wending country lane.  I don’t tend to get many of these.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure I’ve had a quintessentially English garden wedding like this for about three years now.  And I mean I know they’re taking place.  Old pastoral churches are being used for wedding ceremonies every weekend.  I see the photos of these kinds of weddings in other people’s threads.  But I guess maybe because I tend to do edgy London weddings people see those and think I might turn up in the country and collapse from lack idling car fumes or lose my bearings without familiar markers like broken neon signs, squashed fried chicken boxes or the faint uric tang of a subway underpass.  But it turns out I don’t.  And I loved it.  Of course it helped that Alex and James (as opposed to Alex James (from Blur)) were a delight to be around — warm, engaging and inclusive.  (In fact, you know you’re in good company when the first thing that happens when you arrive at the house is the bride’s dad makes sure you have a square meal and something to drink.)  But it was also just so nice to shoot a wonderfully traditional English wedding.  Traditional has acquired a bad name over recent years.  It’s often used to mean staid, by the book, impersonal, etc.  But this wedding was none of those things.  Just the opposite.  It simply did exactly what you’d expect from an English pastoral wedding, beautifully and naturally, without fuss or ruckus and with an incredible amount of fun.  In short, a classic.


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