An Extraordinary English Garden Wedding

English Garden Wedding

Ladies and gentleman I would like to welcome you to Daisy and Phil’s extraordinary English garden wedding.  In fact there’s almost a secret garden aspect to this wedding.  Tucked away in the heart of Berkshire, after a series of long, wending lanes you arrive at an impossibly magical spot for a wedding — rolling lawns, a glampsite, a pink barn, and — this will take some beating — an English garden amphitheatre to hold the ceremony.  Dear Readers, I completely understand if you’ve just stopped reading and have gone straight to the wedding ceremony images.  (Although if you have just stopped reading I’m pretty much talking to myself right now, aren’t I.  You’ve all gone.  There’s just me, left here with a still-swinging door.)  But that’s okay.  I don’t blame you.  An English garden amphitheatre is something you see on a wedding blog everyday.  But for any of you diehard readers who have stuck with me past my pastoral encomium… I’ll let you go soon, I promise.  But I just want to say that this was pretty much a perfect wedding.  The location and weather and people were all eye-poppingly picture perfect.  Everyone involved was absurdly friendly and Daisy and Phil were utterly charming as they went about their day.  So much so that the photo that heads this blog was taken at 2 in the morning, whereupon I staggered back to the campsite, gin-soaked and elated.  What follows now are the photographs of that event…


  1. Carole

    This has got to be one for your best!

  2. Sara Vaughan

    One of the best wedding dresses ever!


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