Asian Documentary Wedding Photography, Pt2

Asian Documentary Wedding Photography

So as promised here is the second of part of my recent three day Asian wedding.  This second blog contains days two and three.  Namely, the civil service, the Nikkah (the religious service) and the promenade along the seafront on the final day.  As before, Aisha looked stunning and Zeshan dashing and both days were hugely interesting as well as being a lot of fun to be involved with.  The Nikkah was particuarly fascinating and the Imam gave a very sensitive and thoughtful speech, acknowledging the mixture of wedding guests and talking movingly about the perception of Islam in the country today.  Afterwards there was more amazing food, lots of socialising, photo opportunities and tears at the end of the night.  The final day, the Monday, was a walk along the Portsmouth coast and then a last meal (Thai this time).  As a side note, I was encouraged to eat well on each of the three days and must have headed back to London not only mentally expanded for the insight into this Muslim ceremony but physically expanded, too.  But a good few notches on my belt.  Here are the photos…

Click here for Part One:


  1. Hazel Thomson

    I have no words for how stunning these photographs are Nick. The textures and colours are simply breathtaking. What a beautiful wedding. You have captured such special moments as always.

  2. sally vaughan

    Wow! Nick Tucker these are stunning photos, bringing out the beauty of Asian colours and with the setting you have again captured the essence of their beautiful wedding day …. I’m your biggest fan.


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