Asian Documentary Wedding Photography, Pt1


This was my first taste of a full three day Asian wedding, and what is basically a riot of colour and noise and food and people and places.  Personally it was a beautiful experience and insight into another culture in a way I felt very privileged to be part of.  Professionally, it really served to freshen up the artistic palette with new challenges along the way.  It’s certainly not an easy thing to shoot but it was also very invigorating.  Today’s blog covers the Saturday, the day before the wedding ceremony itself, which was the henna ceremony, the first of Aisha’s three beautiful churidaar dresses, and the party and dancing section of the wedding (and the food part of the wedding, but then everyday was the food part of the wedding, and the food was amazing).  It was a hot weekend in Hampshire and the day was a slow easy climb towards a brilliant couple of hours of dancing.  I have included a lot of dancing photos, because, really, how could you not?  I was blown away by the joy and abandon of the dancing, and, from a Western point of view, the fact that everyone hit the dancefloor, from the youngest of the children to all the aunties and uncles and grandparents, and that they did it absolutely stone cold sober.  It was the kind of ecstatic dancing that socially I always associate with a good deal of alcohol.  But no there wasn’t a drop of drink in the house and everyone was fresh and bright the following morning.  It was kind of a revelation.  Zeshan and Aisha looked amazing in their ceremonial finery, and this was just Day One. Days two and three to follow shortly in Part Two…

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