Woburn Abbey Wedding Photography | Laura & Paul

Woburn Abbey Wedding Photography, with Laura and Paul…

Continuing to look back at some of my favourite past weddings that fell through the cracks of my revamped website here is a chance to revisit Laura and Paul’s Sculpture Gallery in Woburn.

To say this day was crazily easy to shoot is an understatement.  Previously Laura and Paul came round to the house at about seven in the evening for their pre-wedding run through of the day.  Four hours and four bottles of wine and a meal later we were old friends — and have been ever since.  That was also exactly the spirit of their wedding day.  Laura wanted the day to be about ‘love and laughter’ and that happened in spades.  The day went past in a good natured fog of smiles, giant Jenga and a sun so hot I thought it would warp my camera equipment.  The day was captured on video by friends and family armed with Shoot-It-Yourself cameras — hopefully giving people future ammunition for the wedding breakfast slideshow presentation of incriminating photos, set to I’m A Believer.  (Check out the animated reaction shots from Laura and Paul and the giant less impressed presence of Laura’s dad behind them!)  I wasn’t booked for the party end of the day, but I did still have time to see the appearance of a second wedding dress and what I’m hoping was the cutting of the cake, but could very easily have been the dismembering of David.*

*See for end photo.

Dress(es) Charlotte Balbier and Justin Alexander

Videography Shoot-It-Yourself



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