Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photographer

Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photographer

A bit of Tunnels Beaches wedding photography for you today.  London to Devon is a bit of a mission but I’m so glad I did this one.  I sensed ahead of time that I would be, (I’d seen photos online when Hannah had contacted me but the photos didn’t really do it justice (I’m hoping that today’s will, of course..)) but it was even better than I’d imagined.  It’s not every week you get a chance to shoot a wedding at a venue built into a rocky edifice on the coastline that’s hit by a glowing sunset just before the speeches.  The other incentive, beyond Hannah’s lovely emails, which, frankly, would have been enough in their own right, was that, as a family, we used to holiday in Ilfracombe back when I was about five or six, and I would drive tiny gleaming red bumper cars in a contained figure of eight underneath a fulsome moptop haircut.  In fact I spent the weekend in a perpetual state of almost-breaking amnesia.  The whole of Ilfracombe seemed resonant with a sense of personal history just slightly out of reach of my waking mind.  Like a nostalgic fugue.  It’s an interesting state.  I recommend it.

The wedding itself was a delight.  Hannah and Dan are a lovely and relaxed, and so, unsurprisingly, so are their friends and family.  Photographing the dancing at the end of the day was a pure joy.

Bristol lawyers, it turns out, really know how to let their hair down.



“Having found a venue we had fallen in love with straightaway we wanted to find a photographer whose work gave us a similar feeling.  When we hit upon Nick’s website his natural documentary style immediately struck a chord with what we knew we wanted from our wedding photos, and the quality and seemingly-effortless clever composition of his pictures stood out head and shoulders above other websites we had viewed.  We didn’t want to get too excited as we thought it unlikely that a London-based photographer would consider slogging it to Ilfracombe in early March, when the weather was still less than average.  Lucky for us Nick was available and prepared to travel, and thank goodness he was!

We didn’t meet Nick until the morning of our wedding, and we are only sad that we didn’t because he is such a thoroughly nice chap it would have been lovely to have the chance to get to know him a bit better without the distraction of preparing for the Big Day.  He has the kind of quiet confidence which means that you immediately feel at ease, and we didn’t think once throughout the day where he was or what he was photographing – this is clearly a man who knows what he is doing.

The images which Nick captured reflect a perfect story of the day – the nerves, the joy, the emotion, and the dancing!!  Each time we look at our photos we notice something new which conjures up another happy memory.  We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day, and we have Nick to thank for giving us the best possible visual record we could have hoped for, and some of the loveliest natural photos of our most treasured friends and family that we will ever see.  Thank you Nick.” — Hannah


  1. sally vaughan

    Once again Nick you have excelled. In this wedding you can clearly see the emotion. Maybe because the wedding was smaller and therefore very much more personal … so pleased the Bristol lawyers kept the side up!

  2. Lyndsey Goddard

    stunning images, beautifully processed, incredible location. Love it

  3. Adam Riley

    Your photos certainly did this venue justice Nick – amazing!


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