This is Bigger Than Instagram #3

This is Bigger Than Instagram #3

So here is another image that benefits from being viewed on something larger than a smart phone screen.  Not every part of every wedding speech is going to be a happy one and this is a really lovely moment between brother and sister, Ned and Polly, during their mum’s speech as she talked about their grandfather who had passed away.  This photo has an old fashioned feel to it because it was super dark in the East Dulwich Tavern but this was no time to be using the flash.  So the camera was being pushed to the limit at 6400 ISO and the lens wide open at f1.4.  Meaning that the image is fuzzy and the only part of the image that’s really in focus are the hands across the table.  But then that’s the whole focal point of this image anyway.  The photo may even have suffered from clever off-camera-flash placed carefully around the room, because too well lit and the mood would not be the same.  Also, the light bursts would have felt intrusive at this time.  I don’t shoot this way as much as I used to but you know when the moment is right.  It’s tender and heartfelt and real and this is an amazing family who loved and laughed throughout the day.  Love these guys…

speeches and emotion

Technical details for the photography wonks:

Camera: Canon 5DIII (I know, old skool)

Lens: 24mm 1.4

Aperture: f1.4

Shutter speed: 1/200

ISO: 6400

Mode: Manual


  1. sal

    I could look at this picture for hours. Gorgeous!

    • Nick Tucker

      I’m saying thank you because it’s your comment on my blog. But really the gorgeousness is all theirs. I just took a picture of it.


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