This Is Bigger Than Instagram #1

This Is Bigger Than Instagram

This series is going to be slightly different from Friday Photo — there’s only so many big themes you can address in photography without repeating yourself.  So there’ll still be the camera settings, which I know people like, but they’ll be less pontificating about image and art.  For now.  If you want me to pontificate you can either go back to the Friday Photo posts or just buy me a drink and get me started.  Maybe one of those new fangled craft beers which take you about a third of the glass to work out whether you like it or not.  What this is is really just a way of posting some photos that might get lost on Instagram.  Instagram is great but it tends to push you into posting more impact-heavy images that work for the format — being breezed through quickly on a small phone screen.  And yes I realise this whole enterprise falls down if you’re looking at this on your phone, but there we are.  Hopefully some people will be looking at this and hopefully some of those people will be looking at this on something as antiquated as a computer screen.  I’m posting this one in particular because nuance does tend to get lost on Instagram and I love the faces in it.  There is something quintessentially English about the guy on the right.  In fact there’s such a sense of English upper class theatricality in his shape and his expression that I had to check the images I’d taken either side of this to make sure he hadn’t seen me and was exaggerating his stance on for slightly comic effect.  He hadn’t and I really don’t think he was!


Technical details for the photography wonks:

Camera: Canon 5DIII (I know, I’m so old school)

Lens: 24-70mm

Aperture: f11

Shutter speed: 1/200

ISO: 1600

Mode: Manual


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