St Michaels Manor Wedding | Cath & Danny

St Michaels Manor Wedding | Cath & Danny

I’ve written about this already this year, but I’m going to write about it again.  The weather in 2012 has been crazy.  We all know that.  We’ve been battered by it mostly.  But when your weekly experience of it is second guessing how it will work for the biggest day of most people’s lives it takes on an extra significance.  And the weather for Cath & Danny’s St Michaels Manor Wedding was so prevalent it felt like an extra guest.  The day went from bright sunshine to dark lowering skies to sheets of rain back to sunshine again.  But the beauty of being a documentary wedding photographer is, well… that’s fine.  You just photograph the day, whatever the day throws at you.  They are not preconceived shots to worry about.  Whether the bride feels quite as sanguine about dark storms massing overhead is another matter.  But to extend the analogy, Cath and Danny both have such sunny dispositions (you see what I did there?) that I really don’t think anything could have dampened their day (okay, too much now right?).  Cath & Danny are so easy to be around — warm,  happy, welcoming — and this day was a complete reflection of that.  The whole day glided by in an infectious good spirit and it really didn’t feel like work at all.  This is a couple I very much hope I know for some years to come.

This wedding also boasts the most amazing looking, picture perfect flowergirls.  The parents should set up a casting agency.  They’d make a fortune…

Oh and a quick shout out to the amazing Miss Pickering, whose flowers are always a thing to behold.

Dress Frou Frou Bridal

Flowers Miss Pickering

Videography Shoot it Yourself

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