Rustic Wedding Photography this time…

Rustic Wedding Photography this time…

So this wedding had a little bit of everything.  It started with the bridesmaids roaming the real world set of the Tellytubbies, dressed appropriately, and buzzing about Claire, the bride, while not too far away the Chris the groom’s pre-wedding party were getting through record amounts of champagne, beer, and cigarettes.  The wedding itself took place in a little village church just outside of Henley, before the party moved onto the really characterful Crooked Billet pub in Oxfordshire.  Here rustic met rusty, with champagne chilling in the flatbed of an old Morris Minor and old decaying cars idling in a nearby field.  This was a day when you had to be on your toes.  Chris works in camera in the film industry and most of his guests seemed to be cameramen, focus pullers, directors of photography, and the like.  One guest asked me if I’d ever used a Widelux camera because he’d been playing with one the day before.  I said I had and talked about how much I loved Jeff Bridges’ Widelux photos, and the guest said Yes, the camera he’d been playing with was Jeff Bridges’.  So, that.  But actually the day and the guests were completely unpretentious and just out to have a really good time.  There was good food and fine wines and the night ended with a surprisingly rocky wedding band rocking out in the small, dark, atmospheric front room of the pub — where one of the little bridesmaids seemed to suddenly channel the spirit of early Slade.  It was a great day, under perfect conditions, which hadn’t seemed at all likely in the run up to the wedding.  Here are the photos — my thanks to Jessica Milberg for capturing Chris’s pre-wedding festival of drinking.

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