Royal Wedding Photography, Hyde Park 2011

Royal Wedding Photography, Hyde Park 2011

To commemorate Kate and William’s third anniversary I thought I’d look back at my Royal Wedding Photography.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, Of course he was the official Royal Wedding Photographer.  He uses the same retoucher as Testino to work on his fashion shots.  It makes total sense.  Well I agree, it would have made sense.  But no, there were no grand palatine splendours for me.  Instead I headed down Hyde Park nearby and unofficially appoint myself ‘The People’s Photographer’ in a manner that in no way smacked of hubris.  To quote the late great Anthony Burgess, “All human life is here, but the Holy Ghost seems to be somewhere else.”  In this case though, the Holy Ghost was at least getting a good shout out on the three central Jumbotron screens.  The day felt like a strangely Royalist Glastonbury.  There was a fantastic party atmosphere throughout, with every social group, ethnicity and generation accounted for.  The rain held off, the clouds came out to give me a nice diffuse light, and the whole thing made you thoroughly proud to be in a large London park.  So this is not really wedding photography.  This is more social commentary in the tradition of the late great Tony Ray Jones, who is my touchstone for anything like this.

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There is also talk of a small book.



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