Rochelle Canteen Wedding Photography

Shoreditch Wedding Photography

Now the keen-eyed viewers among you will notice a certain autumnal feel to these wedding photos, and the particularly astute within that group will cast a look out of their window and realise that it is spring.  Those with a tenacious grasp of the seasons will then deduce that this wedding was shot a little while ago now.  I don’t know what to say to that other than you’re absolutely right, well spotted, and perhaps I should not have drawn your attention to the slow journey weddings can take to arrive on my blog.  I should look into that.  But actually, what you’ll most likely think, coming away from this blog, is ‘Aw, man, all the feels.’  This was just such a lovely wedding to shoot.  The love and connection between Maria and Dom just glows in every single frame.  Maria has the most amazingly expressive face and Dom is quietly all about the love.  This was perhaps the most relaxed iteration of a Shoreditch wedding imaginable.  Starting with a stroll around Arnold Circus (leaf-spotters, this is where you will notice the fallen leafs) and onto  Shoreditch Town Hall (where I hadn’t been since I was 17 and took LSD at a music night almost none of you will remember — but you probably don’t need to know that about your wedding photographer) for the wedding ceremony and drinks reception, ending with an intimate, relaxed meal and fireworks at Rochelle Canteen, back by Arnold Circus.  The night was interesting for me, photography-wise, because, due to the low-key nature of the evening Maria had asked that I shoot everything completely without flash.  This is the way I started off shooting weddings but haven’t done for about four years now, so it was fun to be thrown back into a different mode.

But mostly just, wow, these guys…



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