Relaxed Wedding Photography

Relaxed Wedding Photography

Now I’ve shot weddings for wedding photographers before, and I’ve shot weddings for lecturers before.  But this was the first time I’ve shot a wedding for two wedding photographers marrying each other, who also teach photography.  By all accounts Karl Grupe and Julia Massey run crazily inspiring workhsops under the banner of Mango Lab as well as lecturing at Central Saint Martins, so it was a huge honour to be asked to shoot their wedding.  But actually, no pressure.  I don’t know if it’s hubris or something gentler like just being buoyed up by the faith someone has in you, but I really like shooting weddings for other photographers.  I mean with this one at least half the guests were students or ex-students of Karl and Julia’s (which gives you some idea of the couple as people and lecturers) and each one of them most have come round to me in turn and said, No pressure then.  But really, there wasn’t.  No small part of that of course was down to how relaxed Karl and Julia were and are.  They only booked two weeks before their wedding day for a start — and that was over a shaky Skype connection with me out in Argentina and flying back to days before their big day (and with another wedding the day before that, too).  But as I say, both are just so relaxed and infectiously great company so the whole day, from the church start at Marylebone to the canal boat ride from Camden Lock just rushed by, jet lag or no jet lag.

They were keen for natural, relaxed wedding photography with bags of personality and hopefully that’s what they got.  Because that’s who they are.  Take a look..


  1. Laura Babb

    As brilliant as I expected them to be. It looks like they had a lovely day and you captured it perfectly.

  2. Carole


  3. Jonica

    another amazing wedding. i am so in love with your work. as a fellow wedding photographer across the pond, i get a lot of inspiration from your images.


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