Relaxed Outdoor Wedding

Relaxed Outdoor Wedding

It’s been a run for fairly bleak rainy midwinter days, so the next couple of weddings won’t be about the sunshine, they will be about how inclement weather changes nothing.  First up are the brilliant Hannah and Simon.  Luckily, for an outdoor wedding the rain only arrived mid-afternoon.  But it changed absolutely nothing, which was perfect.  Because, really, the only thing way rain can dampen the spirits of a wedding day is if the bride and groom let it get them down.  If they don’t the rain can’t touch you.  But Hannah is the first bride I’ve shot who, more than that, was happy with the rain and wanted to go out and have photos taken in the rain.  So much so that the rain, and keeping out of the rain, and then going back out in the rain became part of the day.  A day which was beautifully relaxed right from the start.  Hannah and Simon are thoroughly charming people and that was reflected in their guests and the mood of the day throughout.  Colour was supplied by the umbrellas and the Nigerian contingent.  The feature shot at the top of this blog, of Hannah with her back to her camera heading out into the bright rainy night, is one of my favourite shots from last year but then equally I could have used any number of photos–the marriage ceremony under a tree, images by the hay bales out on the farm, confetti in hair, confetti in teeth, the start of the rain, the umbrellas the uprooted gazebos, or almost any from the immense dancing that went on late into the night in a barn in the middle of I don’t know where, somewhere in Berkshire.  It’s hard to choose between the moments in this wedding.  So, enjoy..


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  1. Amy

    Really enjoyed this wedding, great documentary dance shots, love the use of flash!


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