Real Documentary Wedding Photography

Real Documentary Wedding Photography — Melissa & Jim

So following on from my last blog which was a lovely Anglo-Indian wedding on a farm here is a lovely Anglo-Afro Caribbean wedding in a forest.  This was a beautiful wedding both emotionally and visually.  It felt warm and relaxed and real and I loved the range of looks and styles.  Everything from forest casual to indie to hipster to Rastafarian to Two Tone suits to country flatcaps.  The wedding took place on a private wood in Broxbourne, just outside of East London towards Bishop Stortford.  Literally just a wood.  The only reason a wedding happened there is because Melissa and Jim made it happen there.  Overnight security to was provided by their friends pitched up in their own camper van for the night, and once it was dark, well you were in charge of your own footing and lighting the way on the dark bumpy ground.  And of course that just added to the sense of fun and community that was such a major part of the whole wedding.  These days more and more couples are stepping aside from the rolling wedding industry machine and making the day their own and, really, there’s no better example of that than Jim and Melissa’s wedding.  Purposefully idiosyncratic and stylish and literally off the beaten track.  This was their wedding their way.  Oh and a special mention should go out to Melissa’s grandma who could barely walk the entire day and who didn’t leave the dancefloor the entire night.

In terms of photography, this was the second wedding (see previous) that I shot almost exclusively on the Leica Q.  I’m in love with this camera.  The 28mm focal length and the clarity and character of the glass.  It’s perfect real documentary wedding photography, because it’s small and light and unobtrusive.  Most guests have bigger cameras than the Leica Q so you can wonder around capturing things naturally and easily without drawing attention to yourself.  Take a look, see what I mean..


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