No Such Thing as a Hot January in Kent

Kent Wedding Photography

So as we gear up (or gear down from — depending on when you are reading this blog, or when I finally get round to posting it) the hottest May Bank Holiday on record and all the supermarkets have had a run on bags of ice (and you are powering through this run on sentence) and the queue for ice cream is prohibitively long, what better way to cool down than this very cold January wedding between the entirely wonderful Fenella and Dan.  I met Fenella when she was picture editor for Penguin and in charge of the Little Mix live/backstage photography I was doing for them and was just instantly the easiest person to talk to I’d met in at least 63 years.  And when you meet Dan you just go, Yep.  Perfect match.  Dan, or, to give him his full title, Dan Schreiber, co-hosts the utterly charming No Such Thing as a Fish podcast, plus TV spin-off No Such Thing as the News.  I used the podcast to go to sleep — it’s more powerful than most non-pescription sleep aids and has not been linked to dementia.  I know that makes it sound like it’s dull.  It’s anything but.  But it’s also just strangely soothing in its interesting-y-ness.  Anyway, that’s enough random backstory.  Fenella is completely charming and Dan is completely charming and also mostly Australian, with some vague amount of time spent in Hong Kong that is probably only vague to someone like me who hasn’t done any research on this part of his history.  But what it meant for the wedding was a lovely mix of English people and Australian people and loosely affiliated Hong Kong people (probably not loosely affiliated at all).  It was also freezing.  Almost all of the couple shots are in black and white because poor Fenella was photographing blue by the end of them.  I have already overused the word charming so I promise not to use it again, except now when I say it was just a completely ridiculously charming wedding and one I apologise for not posting sooner.

Enjoy.  And stay hydrated today.

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  1. Carole Tucker

    Love it!


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