New Years Eve Wedding Photography

New Years Eve Wedding Photography

So it’s possible I may have overdone playing the long-game in terms of choosing to hold on to this wedding until today.  I could have blogged this wedding any time in the last year.  But I thought, no, I’ll be obtuse.  I’ll wait.  I’ll post it on New Year’s Eve, a whole year away.  But I have to say, it’s a good one.  I think it’s worth timing it like this.  It packs a lot in.  From the wedding itself at Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel, to the reception at The Gun pub in Canary Wharf–which had a back room decked out like an Alpine Ski Lodge, complete with a (static) wandering polar bear–to the groom, Daniel, breaking the window of their vintage wedding car, to some of my favourite dance floor shots of last year or any year, to guests ranging from eight to eighty, to, of course, a newlywed kiss on the stroke of midnight among a crowd of New Year’s Eve revellers-slash-wedding guests.  If you’re still asking for more after that, well, you’re a damn hard person to please, and you’ve got a lot to live up to tonight when you go out on your own New Year’s Eve do.  Which, by the way, Happy New Year….

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  1. Emma hill

    Fabulous day/night with some amazing folk…loved every minute….Nick Tucker photography you certainly captured the moment throughout….Happy New Year and Happy Wedding Anniversary ‘Daniel and Natalie’ xx


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