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Candid Wedding Photography: When is a Candid not a Candid?

There’s a school of thought within photojournalism and, by extension, candid wedding photography, that says you should never have the subject looking directly at the camera, engaging with the fact that they’re being photographed.  Because when that happens you get a shot of someone self consciously preparing themselves to be photographed.  Now for the most part I subscribe to that school of thought.  If someone doesn’t know you’re photographing them they are much more natural and you’re able to capture a kind of truth about them that you won’t get any other way.  But with anything, once you know the rules, they are there to be broken.  Because you can tell as much about someone in the guarded way they look at the camera as you can from the unguarded look.  For me this is one of those moments, and one of those photographs.  Two of the three subjects in this photograph are looking at the camera.  But I’m only interested in the girl, front and centre.  She’s a teenager, at that difficult cusp between youth and adulthood, the self-consciousness she’s conveying here at having her photo taken perfectly mirrors the self-consciousness of being that age — the way you’re acutely aware of everything about yourself, from your skin to the way you array your limbs.  That’s why this image works for me.

when is a candid not a candid?

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Technical details for the photography wonks:

Camera: Canon 5D MKII

Lens: Canon 35mm f1.4

Aperture: f4

Shutter speed: 1/180

ISO: 1600

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  1. Sara Vaughan

    I would never have thought she was a teenage – somehow she seems older. I love the way she is engaging with the camera. In fact i love this photograph – all of it – I don’t care a jot for photojournalist “school of Thought”s. Too much purism means that you could never have a shot like this and that would be a great shame.


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