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Wedding Photography MC Motors

So I haven’t blogged a full wedding in a while, again.  And as I always seem to do, I break that silence with an MC Motors wedding.  This time with Gareth and Dave’s brilliantly stylish day.  I always try and reassure potential brides and grooms that you really don’t need to have shot at a particularly venue before, and that, if anything, it can be a hindrance, because you can become overly familiar with a venue to the point where you’re no longer excited to be there (I rarely shoot at the same venue twice).  But really, you just can’t go wrong with MC Motors.  It feels like a brand new experience every single time.  This was no exception.  And not because it was my first gay wedding there.  Simply because it was a beautiful wedding party at an amazing location–and none of the guests are expecting it as traipse warily through a black door in Dalston next to an unprepossessing green grocers.  What I particularly loved about this wedding was that Dave and Gareth have a wonderful sense of style and everything was done with a great eye for detail, yet without ever losing sight of the fact it was about love and friendship and their cat, Chester.  It was an absolute joy to be around them and be part of their day and I think that really does come across in the photos.

But don’t just take my word for it.  My esteemed colleague Jo Brown was with me recording the day on that strange mysterious analogue film stuff.  For a look at her shots from the day simply click here: Jo’s Film Slideshow

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