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Please arrive early and take your seats for Mark & Barbara’s extraordinary 1950s inspired MC Motors wedding Dalston’s, hidden gem (yes, Dalston has a hidden gem..) — a 6,000 sq/ft of East London warehouse used primarily for fashion shoots.  But I’m jumping ahead of myself…

The day started for me (and Mark) in Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel, where I had time for a couple of shots before high-tailing it over to Kingsland Road for the bridal preparations: Barbara in a beautful Candy Anthony dress with her four bridesmaids decked out in amazing yellow polka dot dresses, looking like I imagine the Shangri-Las looked like back in the early 1960s — without actually googling them to find out if they really did or not.  From there the party moved to the City, this time for another hidden venue, St Mary Moorfields church, tucked away down a tiny side street near Bishopsgate, sandwiched between a tailors and a jewellers.

Although, not even close to being as tucked away as the venue for the reception — the amazing MC Motors — which is sequestered in an old car mechanics behind the back of Stoke Newington’s exhaust choked high street.  Because even when you get there you could easily mistake it for a still functioning car mechanics, with its industrial corrugated approach and huge metal shutters.  Inside, however, it really is every inch the fashion set — with dilapidated bare brick walls, high-beamed ceilings, hidden rooms and giant photographic props.  In short, a photographer’s dream.  And of course — the wedding itself: an Aussie-Irish union.  It was a brilliant mix.  The mordant Aussies and the garrulous Irish.  Drink flowed, the right kind of craic circulated the rooms, and everyone partied to beat the band.

And I stumbled into a cab at something like one in the morning, having finally got my shots of the late night bar.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the MC Motors Wedding of the year…

MC Motors Wedding

Candy Anthony

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    Cool as a cucumber. Love it.


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