London and Berkshire Wedding Photographer

London and Berkshire Wedding Photographer

If this wedding looks a little bit back-to-front and topsy turvy to you, it’s only because it was.  I don’t even know if I should be calling this Berkshire wedding photography because the wedding itself took place in London, after the wedding breakfast, which was in Berkshire.  And the two were five days apart.  Let me try and explain. Jackie and Stuart are two incredibly charming geologists, who now live in Australia.  However their friends and family do not.  I’m too confused about exactly why the wedding days had to be set up the way they did so let’s just leave it that they did.  Because the reason made sense.  At the time.  So then the result was Jackie and Stuart had their wedding party on the Sunday, at the Olde Bell in Hurley — taking the wedding breakfast in its atmospheric Berkshire barn, softly lit by Christmas lights.  Then, five days later,the couple had their registry office wedding at Marylebone Town Hall before moving to the Grazing Goat for a more intimate and familial wedding lunch.  And if that isn’t disorientating enough in terms of the following photos, we also stopped off at UCL where their love had originally blossomed around the science and study of solid Earth.  If all that sounds a bit exhausting, it really wasn’t.  The unconventional nature of the whole thing leant it an air of relaxed informality.  I personally love shooting weddings that are a little different, both days were a real pleasure and we had a great time wandering the hallowed corridors of UCL for the bride and groom portraits.  (For a closer look at the lecture rooms see the university scenes in Christopher Nolan’s Inception).



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