Life is Messy: Friday Photo

The message of this blog post is essentially, life is messy, photos can be messy too.  There’s a lot of information in this shot, a lot to take in.  It could be a portrait of the young blonde girl at its centre, or it could be a detail shot shot during the wedding itself — a detail shot as live event, scattered wedding favours, dripping candles, half drunk glasses of wine and champagne — all those things go into making up part of the story.  Or it could be a mood piece: the young girl engrossed in her phone and oblivious to the animated conversation behind her — who knows what they’re talking about but it looks like a pretty good story.  Then another, quieter conversation to the left of the frame.  I guess what I’m saying is it’s a little bit of everything, all at once.  It’s a busy, messy photo.  But that’s exactly what I like about it.  The mess.  Contrary to a lot of received wisdom a good image doesn’t necessarily have to grab you straight away.  It can but it doesn’t have to.  It can get better as it lives and breathes a little. In a climate of Facebook and Instagram and the dubious currency of ‘likes’ it’s easy for the neurotic creative artist type to try and tailor the images he or she showcases to those that traditionally hit the instant gratification button, but for me it’s important to try and withstand that pressure and do what makes you happy.  Because that’s the only way you’ll really find your own voice.  This may not be a high impact shot that shouts wedding or romance or love on a summer’s day, that grabs you straight away and tells you what it is straight away.  But hopefully it’s the kind of image you can keep going back to and finding new things in its corners, and will keep rewarding you as you do.  A little bit like life.

messy wedding party

Technical details for the photography wonks:

Camera: Canon 5D MKIII

Lens: Canon 24mm 1.4

Aperture: f8

Shutter speed: 1/180

ISO: 640

Flash: fired


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  1. Linus Moran Photography

    Nothing like a frame that keeps you coming back and looking for more! Life being lived is so often messy!


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