Laura and Bengt at The Electrician’s Shop

Laura & Bengt at The Electrician’s Shop 

So over Christmas literally thousands of you have petitioned me to blog more.  Although by literally I don’t mean literally.  And by thousands of you I mean my mum and dad.  But still.  If I had thousands of parents who’s to say that wouldn’t be the general consensus among them.  And if they felt so inclined to petition me, well, who am I to say “Jeez, guys, enough with the petitioning already.  I’ll post more blogs.”  So in light of all this, here is a new blog to keep all (two) of you mildly diverted in this weird limbo between Christmas and New Year.  I’ve shot so many great weddings this year that I will be picking all weddings to blog at random, in no order, with no theme.  Except they will be almost exclusively London weddings, because I only shot three weddings outside of London this year.  But seeing as one of those was in Australia I figure I’ve still got my travel quota in.  I loved this wedding.  Not only because it was a bit like shooting the wedding of Bryan Ferry and Jerry Hall in their heyday–both with cheekbones that must shred pillowcases–but also because everyone was so damn lovely and clearly having a wonderful day.  There was a bit of everything.  A start at Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel, my first wedding in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Electrician’s Shop, a guest playing an instrument that I want to call a zither but am pretty sure was not actually a zither, a boat ride along the Thames, ending with a rainbow and an evening of hula dancing for the party section of the night!  Good times.  Enjoy…

For my resource post on Trinity Buoy Wharf Weddings please click here


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