Italy Destination Wedding Photography

Italy Destination Wedding Photographer

This was an absolutely wonderful wedding.  You’re probably thinking well duh, Nick, that’s kind of a no-brainer.  It’s a wedding in a vineyard, in Chianti.  And you’d be absolutely right, it was a wedding in a vineyard in Chianti.  But in the end that was almost incidental to an entirely beautiful wedding with an entirely lovely people.  The warmth and spirit of everyone there was gorgeous, while Ally and Chris were just ridiculously delightful.  The couple met in Sierra Leone and while they may be 20 years apart in age they were so obviously soul mates that fact becomes irrelevant in about 6.3 seconds.  You’d also be hard pressed to level an accusation of trophy wife at Ally.  Chris is an international lawyer and Ally has advised the King of Sudan on containing the spread of Ebola.  So, on paper then, what some people might call ‘a power couple.’  But in real life, two of the warmest and good hearted people I have photographed.  Quick to laugh doesn’t even come close.  There wasn’t one moment they weren’t smiling or laughing the three days I was around them.  So this then is there wedding day.  A day that started overlooking lush green vineyards, took a sojourn in an old church in the town square for the marriage and drinks and then returned to the vineyard for more drinks, astonishingly good Italian food and a party that I bowed out of at around 1am, but which the kids kept going until 8am.  Oh, and Ally’s dad drove her to church in a little Fiat 500, which just about coped with the rolling hills…  Perfect.


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