Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographer | Jenny & Kelly

Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographer

To call this amazing Ibiza Destination wedding a ‘gay wedding’ feels a little reductive.  It was a wedding, plain and simple – and an astonishingly beautiful one at that.  In fact I’m only really calling it a gay wedding at all because I’m hoping the google bots will pick up on it.  I’d like some more please!  This wedding was one of the most glamorous and emotional I’ve covered.  The emotion we’ll get to later, but the glamour was something else.  Working on these photos over the last week or so, getting the colours just right, my touchstone was Slim Aarons’ amazing poolside photos of the glitterati in St Tropez, back in the 1970s.  (Take a look at his work, he deserves more recognition than he has.)  Jenny and Kelly’s day had the same vibrancy and life, coupled with that amazing Spanish light.  And the emotion between the two of them was absolutely palpable for the whole day.  Palpable and radiant.  That was the easy part.  The trickier part was the pressure!  Jenny and Kelly are good friends.  I knew where Kelly was going to propose before Jenny did!  But I also knew, going into this wedding, that Jenny has been looking at wedding blogs, pretty much every day, for longer than I’ve been a wedding photographer (a year and half now for anyone keeping tabs..).  And Jenny has some pretty high standards let me tell you!  But they seemed to go over pretty well last night, so I can relax now and blog it for everyone else interested….




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