Half an Hour of Seaside Street Photography

Seaside Street Photography

This is a very small blog showcasing not much more than half an hour of seaside street photography. Lots of wedding photographers I know have gone over to the Sony a7ii or a7iii. Apparently they did this quite a while ago but I’ve only just found out about it. I’ve also just learned that The Smiths have split up, which is pretty devastating. Anyway a friend of mine has just bought the a7ii with the 24-70mm lens and has trusted me to have a play with it, and also not leave it on the train. Achievements unlocked! So I took it out last night for a quick half an hour stroll along the Whitstable seafront at magic hour. Seaside street photography is tricky. Everyone is in shorts or short skirts and there’s a danger of feeling leery or more intrusive than normal just by the nature of the subjects. Because of that I didn’t want to linger anywhere or so it was a quick amble along the waterfront and home again to have a look at the image quality from the Sony a7ii. Fairly typically for me, I forgot to set it up for RAW so shot the whole thing on JPEG. Not much new there. The first time I played with my Leica Q I did the whole of the first shoot on f1.7 entirely unintentionally. I just completely forgot about changing the aperture. Anywhere even on JPEG the results are pretty impressive – punchy and crazy sharp images. But even more important, I think, is just the size of camera and lens.  It’s about half the size of a DSLR so much more inconspicuous for those natural candid shots.  Okay, I wouldn’t really use a DSLR for street.  I’d use my Leica Q, but with its fixed 28mm lens you have to be right up in people’s grill for that.  Not ideal by the sea. Here’s literally a handful to give you an idea.


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