Festival Wedding Photography

Festival Wedding Photography

Festival Wedding Photography or ‘Feastival’ Wedding Photography, you decide.  Alright Festival Wedding Photography, that was settled pretty quickly.  Moving on then.  But my point being this was a very foodie wedding.  Basically a whole bunch of young, gourmand entrepreneurs kicking back and having a rare weekend off street stalls, festival catering and food markets.  The bride and groom, Mathew and Tayler own the amazing The Cheese Truck festival van, while the Churros Bros and Bill or Beak were guests.  The wedding meal was catered by Trailer Trash and breakfast was provided by Waffle On.  And the days really did seem to focused around good food and drink.  Friday night was wine and pasta, Saturday was some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had, wine and A LOT of cocktails poured and mixed by half the guests in the end, and Sunday a BBQ, more wine, and cheese toasties catered for by The Cheese Truck and Mathew himself.  See what I mean now.  Suddenly you’re all like ‘Okay, feastival, I’ll give him that.’  (They’re also extending The Cheese Truck franchise with The Wine Truck.  I recommend the perfectly chilled rosé for any hot summer days outside in a field in Pyworthy.)  This was an absolutely brilliant weekend with a brilliant bunch of people — so many of whom forged their friendships in neighbouring food vans during crazily long and hectic shifts at festivals across the country.  This was their chance to relax, unwind, have a party, treat the three days like a holiday with a beautiful wedding in the middle of it.  Literally everyone there was great.  Easy going, warm, friendly, great company and the incredibly close friendship of everyone there really shone through.  Then to top it all off, everyone sitting and drinking round the pool the following day made it feel like the South of France.  

Very obviously I really loved this wedding. 

Here are the photos:


If you fancy seeing the wedding day as a slideshow just click here: SLIDESHOW

Also available on my YouTube Channel

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  1. Eric

    Love you story! It looked like a fun wedding/weekend!


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