Family Photography in London and Kent

Family Photography in London and Kent

I was going to call this blog The Days of Miracles and Wonder after the Paul Simon lyric, but I didn’t because Family Photography in London and Kent is much better for SEO, and as clever and multi-layered I want my references to be I want people to find me and book me for future shoots more.  But either way this was a great gig to do so soon after last Friday’s Future Nostalgia blog.  These days of childhood are fleeting and the sheer delight taken in crossing a stream does not tend to prevail in quite the same way.  (Although it does take on a heightened quality when you’re crossing it holding your new three grand Leica Q with a personal history of unsteady footwork and tumbling into any possible water source available.)  These times are magical not simply because kids are more in touch with the idea of the world as a magical place, but also because of the unguarded way they exist in the world.  Their faces are open and unselfconsciously composed and their arrayed limbs haven’t yet  been subtly restructured to contain the careful language of the body.  They experience a now-ness and immediacy of the moment that we find harder and harder to access as we grow up.  It’s genuinely a privilege to photograph a gang of kids playing and exploring in the woods and across streams.  They have a direct line to the ineffable which would take me years of meditation or some really good psychedelics to recapture again…

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  1. Carolanne

    Beautiful. And going in frames. Xx


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