English Country Garden Wedding

English Country Garden Wedding

So if anyone out there can tell me why my blog posts sputtered and stalled like an old car, please do write in and let me know.  In the meantime here is an utterly delightful wedding from sometime last year.  I forget when exactly, and a cursory check of my diary would pinpoint it to the exact day, but who has time for cursory looks in this fast paced, post-fact world of ours?  What I can tell you from what little memory is available to me is that it was in Cromer, which is in Norfolk, just outside Norwich, and Cromer, at least the Cromer that I saw and where this wedding took place–which was in some kind of very nice old church, plus Jenny’s familial home–was surrounded by fields and quite possibly animals in those fields.  One anecdote I have from the day is that I had previously shot Edwin’s brother’s wedding.  Only, somehow, they didn’t realise this.  At the dinner on the night before Jenny had said, “We’d like wedding photos like yours,” and Doug and Tania had thought, ‘Well it’s a very particular style. You’d really need to book the same guy.’  And it turned out they had.  So that worked out just fine then.  For me as well, because Jenny and Edwin, and Doug and Tania are all entirely excellent, and so are their friends and family.  Both weddings were a joy to photograph.  And completely different.  While being equally charming.  The first being in Hackney’s Eco Pavilion and this one being a very English country wedding.  Although I’m pretty sure craft beer featured heavily at both of them.  Anyway I’m rambling more than I normally do and very few of you are going to read this far anyway.  So, without further ado, here then, are the photos then….


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