Dorking Garden Wedding Photography

Dorking Garden Wedding Photography

I didn’t really know whether to call this Dorking Garden Wedding Photography or simply Garden Party Wedding Photography.  The whole day had the feeling of the most magical garden party that was also somehow a wedding and/or blessing and just simply an amazing day out.  I’m quite sure all the kids involved will remember the day forever as the most brilliant pool party and the adults will remember it as an amazing party.  In fact because this was Kate’s home growing up quite a few of the guests I talked to did remember it as the site of some of their brilliant teenage party memories. And really if you’re going to talk about heritage (and I am, because, let’s face it, the tennis court alone looked like it was designed by Capability Brown) what better thru-line is there from teenage parties to wedding day?  However I don’t want to overplay the setting.  I loved this wedding before I even arrived. Because I loved Kate and Dan from the moment I met them.  They’re just two of the most incredibly warm, open and engaging people I’ve met, with an attitude of ‘We know each other because we’ve said hello, now let’s chat.’  So what could have felt like an almost ludicrously perfect setting for a ‘garden wedding’ — rolling lawns, tennis courts, swimming pools and a boating lake — ended up feeling simply, ludicrously, right.  And on a personal note, days like this actually end up feeling quite dreamlike for me.  I was wondering around a beautiful garden on a hot day, often with a gin grapefruit cocktail in my hand, taking snaps for two lovely people in amongst a crowd of also lovely people AND getting paid for it.

I mean really, how is that actually work?

NB.  For any millennials among you who don’t do scrolling these images are also available here as a SLIDESHOW



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