Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography

I’m calling this one destination wedding photography because even though it was only in Ireland I think I got to the wedding I shot in Hong Kong easier than I got to Donegal.  Delayed flights, lost luggage, long, long, winding country roads, and the village beyond the village that felt like the last village in Donegal.  But it was completely worth it.  A beautiful wedding on a beautiful day.  Including a game of football.  I didn’t get to photograph the football.  Or even play in the match — which is how I know John Owen.  Because there was pretty much no way to play AND be remotely dry and kempt for the bridal prep part of the day.  But I did get to see the guys stumble back to the hotel, looking elated.  If football is a series of games over one season, this match was a series of seasons over one game.  It rained, hailed, shone and snowed!  This being December in Ireland.  I do love Irish weddings.  They are hands down the friendliest wedding parties you’re ever going to encounter.  Everyone has a word for you, everyone has a smile for you.  Another lovely thing about this one was the fact that John Owen and Annette have two lovely little girls, so any downtime still doubles as a family shoot.  But I won’t bang on.  I don’t have the Irish gift for telling a tale.  Here, instead, are the photos.  Enjoy…


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