Destination Wedding in Taormina

Destination Wedding in Taormina

This was my first destination wedding and to get a destination wedding in Taormina is a pretty great start.  But what’s even better is photographing a model getting married out there.  Photographing someone who has no bad angles does take a little bit of pressure off.  In fact the whole thing was absurdly photogenic.  The location was in the hills of Taormina, Sicily, with the wedding itself taking place in  Forza d’Agro, in the church used in the Godfather.  The ceremony was then followed by a traditional walk through the wending lanes of the old town with a stop off in the square for bouquet throwing, before decamping back to Taormina and a party that went in the small hours of Saturday night (with ex-Tottenham Hotspur defender Anthony Gardner busting out some seriously impressive dance moves).

Taormina is an impossibly romantic spot and I intend to go back there as soon as I can.  But accompanied by something a little more human than a Canon 5D Mark II next time.

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