Contemporary Lancashire Wedding Photography | Katy and Luke

Contemporary Lancashire Wedding Photography

This wedding was fun.  A lot of fun.  Not least because it became a union of two brilliantly and endearingly eccentric families, conjoined by the very lovely Luke and Katy.  The wedding day mostly took place at Katy’s parents house in Great Altcar, in a little farming village on the west coast of Lancashire, and which seemed somehow embued with the warm genial atmosphere of an old English novel — a sort of charming farce which would encompass three generations of rollicking dottiness.  I’m pretty sure their cat sleeps in the Aga.  The wedding service conveniently took place a stone’s throw from the house at St Michael & All Angels church.  A tiny church that meant I had to duck out at the back and sneak back in at the front to get a different vantage point.  Then afterwards it was back to the family home for drinks on the lawn and a garden marquee for food and dancing.  It really was a joy to shoot this wedding and I think the photos bear testimony to that.  Here they are — including a starring role from Luke’s tubby little dog, Monty…


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