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Wedding photos that aren’t immediately recognisable as ‘wedding photos’ always appeal to me.  What appeals to me is the sense that it is a party but there are no obvious wedding indicators.  The bride and groom are not in this shot.  But at the same time it’s very clear that there’s a sense of occasion here and the characters in the photo are very clearly dressed up.  But it’s more about what the image evokes.  It’s a mood, a late night happiness and sense of abandon.  This shot was taken near midnight at a spectacular wedding at the Château de la Goujeonnerie in Vendée, West France.  The 19th château looks like a surrealistically picture perfect château from the outside (*see full wedding link below), while inside it’s the brilliantly eccentric creation of the guys from Les Trois Garcons.  The whole house is like a cabinet of beautiful curiousities.  The party was kicked off by the hilariously great Cuban Brothers who fired everyone up, creating a wonderful party atmosphere, then after a storming DJ set everyone spilled out onto the lawn for fresh air and fireworks, and that’s when this photo was taken. ..

wedding party photography

Technical details for the photography wonks:

Camera: Canon 5D MKII

Lens: Canon 35mm 1.4

Aperture: f1.8

Shutter speed: 1/125

ISO: 6400

Lit with on-camera flash

Photo requested by one Sara Vaughan

For the full (astonishing) French wedding click here: Hannah & Richard at Château de la Goujeonnerie

Read more about the château here: The World of Interiors


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