Century Club Wedding Photographer

Century Club Wedding Photography

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this wedding.  Well, I can.  I mean it’s not a secret.  It’s not like I had to sign any kind of official (or unofficial) contract forbidding me to rhapsodize about this wedding.  Who even does that?  Well luckily not Amie and Ben, so we’re fine.  I loved this wedding.  There, I said it.  Okay, maybe not that much of a revelation.  The build up kind of gave it away, but still.  I did.  I loved this wedding.  Everything and everyone about it.  Everyone was warming, welcoming, fun and easy to be around.  Also, as a wedding photographer, in a busy wedding season there will always be weddings that you can’t do because you’re already booked.  There might be one weekend you just can’t fill and another weekend you have to turn down ten enquiries.  And some weddings it’s going to kill you that you had to turn one of them down.  And I’ll be honest.  This had been one of those dates.  I’d had to turn down an amazing sounding wedding in Brighton with bunny-girl bridesmaids and a Nick Walker fashion brief.  The kind of wedding you chew your knuckles off you missed it.  But less than half an hour into Amie and Ben’s wedding I wouldn’t have been anywhere else, and that feeling didn’t leave all day.  This was the one.  It just was.  Which, given the other wedding, was a pretty huge relief I have to say… But from meeting up with Ben and his boys for breakfast at the impossibly grand Berners Tavern, to Amie’s bridal prep at The Dean Street Townhouse and on to the private members’ Century Club in Soho everything was just exactly right– right down to the care everyone, not just family, took with Ben’s 90-year-old granddad.  Yes, it’s fair to say, I loved this wedding. Here then, are the photos..

NB.  And in a nice side-note, I’m doing a fashion shoot for the bride whose wedding I couldn’t shoot this Sunday.  So pretty much everything worked out anyway…

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  1. Naomi

    So hang on, did you enjoy this wedding? Excellent work as always. Love the picture of the lady holding onto the red ankles.


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