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Today’s blog brings you two London weddings for the price of one.  That’s the reason there’s a fair number of images to pour through — because there were two ceremonies, two bridal preps and two dresses.  That maybe makes it sound a little ostentatious, but actually it was anything but.  It was a glamorous wedding that also managed to be down-to-earth and easy going and an absolute pleasure to shoot.  The day started off on Gloucester Place with, quite literally, a walk to the end of the road for Marylebone Town Hall, then drinks, a spot of lunch and back to Gloucester Place for the afternoon prep — and quite honestly I could shoot in Al & Jesse’s living room all day, a big room with floor to ceiling windows that’s basically a photographer’s dream — and then off to The Arts Club on Dover Street for a very elegant second ceremony and party.

The beauty of being in W1 was we got to walk around and use some pretty epic parts of London as a backdrop.  Including The Ritz, Jermyn St. and possibly a touch of breaking and entry as we (possibly) jimmied the locks on Burlington Arcade.*  Although Jesse is so quintessentially American-looking he manages to make the streets of Central London look strangely like Manhattan…

Have a look…

For anyone interested about why I go for certain images I have featured one of these photos in my My Kind of Image section here: Wedding Tableau

And if you’d like to see the wedding video that goes with it, it’s here.. shot by the genius Roland Mihalszky

*I should just clarify that Burlington Arcade was technically closed but it wasn’t locked everything was entirely legal and mostly above board.  It’s probably best to clarify here because inbetween working in the film industry and running her own flourishing upholstery business Al trained as a lawyer.  In fact it should be noted that both Al and Jesse are very impressive people, and utterly charming and understated with it.  My wife and I like them a lot.


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  1. Carole

    As usual, some delightful children shots


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