Castle Gibson Wedding Photography

Castle Gibson Wedding Photography

Well this was entirely everything you want from a wedding, joyous, chaotic, drunken and loving.  If there follow too many photos I make no apologies for that. A lot happened and I was there to cover the entire day — the wedding preparations took place at Shoreditch House, the wedding vows were taken in the lovely old Art Deco building of Stoke Newington Town Hall and from there the party repaired to Castle Gibson’s stunning MC Motors venue in Dalston for a very happy and very bibulous celebration day.

Natalie is a costume designer in film (credits include, Rush, My Week with Marilyn and La Vie en Rose), Tom isn’t but is a crackingly good guy anyway, and so the wedding had a nice relaxed eclectic arts-leaning mix, with some great outfits.  Their lovely little daughter also put in a star turn — although, right now I’m not sure whether to mention that, or not purely on the basis that I can’t remember her name and that seems like awfully bad form, doesn’t it?  Well but so if it’s any consolation to her lovely, doting parents when they read this I’ve made her the headline image for the blog.  If that doesn’t do it I promise to buy you both a large gin and tonic when I see you next.

Oh and there was also the fact of the one-hundred-year-old wedding dress.  It was beautiful.  And old.  One-hundred-years old in fact.  But that’s about as much information as I retained on that one I’m afraid.

I do however remember that the absolutely amazing food and drink was provided by Natalie and Tom’s friends and neighbours and caterers: Renee Williams Events

That about wraps it up really.  The rest, is the photographs…

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