Cad & The Dandy Fashion Shoot

Cad & The Dandy Fashion Shoot

So this was an interesting fashion shoot.  For a start no one in this shoot was a model.  They were all Cad & the Dandy customers, wearing their own suits.  The guys at Cad wanted the images to feel as natural and relatable as possible, so they’re all real people (not that models aren’t real people, that makes them sound like Cyborgs — they’re not Cyborgs, although they do appear to be aliens sometimes), wearing bespoke suits cut specifically for them.  The second was to use only available light, again so the images didn’t have that highly stylised fashion look.  So two challenges straight off the bat — the models weren’t models and the light wasn’t easily shapable studio light.  If anything the light issue is trickier.  Natural light is of course some of the very best light known to man, but it relies on a) bright light to illuminate a room and b) big windows to let that bright light in.  Luckily we had both at The Roost, a converted pub cum events venue in East London.  The Roost was a perfect location, a little ramshackle with bags of character and charm.  So all that was left was just to shoot the Cad & the Dandy customer-slash-models as naturally as possible.  And that wasn’t too tough either.  The guys felt at ease in their suits, I just had to put them at ease in their surroundings.  Top tip for this: bring a highly capable, but also highly attractive assistant with you that the guys want to look good in front of.  It works wonders.  See for yourself…

PS.  Not that the suits need a sales pitch, but I liked them enough to get married in one of them, which is a pretty ringing endorsement.

Cad & the Dandy


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