Brixton East London Wedding Photography

Brixton East London Wedding Photography

Okay so this is a big blog with a lot of photos, and I know your time is valuable.  Facebook won’t surf itself and that coffee is only at the optimum temperature for so long — in fact if you bought if from one of those super high end hipster coffee shops the chances are its optimum temperature was as they were crossing the poured concrete floor with it and just before they set it down on your distressed wood coffee table, but there we are.  Anyway, back to my original point.. it is a big blog.  But it was a full day.  I was there till midnight.  I would say if you don’t have time skip ahead to the dancing photos — it was an Anglo-American wedding and that ALWAYS makes for a great dance floor.  But then if you skip ahead you miss the full glory of Isabella’s dress, Patrick rocking his look, the flower girls and their balloons, the cloistered dark of St Etheldreda’s Church, the flower garden I can’t remember the name of by St Paul’s, a resplendently decked out Brixton East, the lovely warm atmosphere of the speeches, you might even miss the confetti canons and just the whole beautiful fashion aesthetic of the day… So basically I’m saying skip ahead, no wait, don’t skip ahead, on no account skip ahead, what are you even doing thinking about skipping ahead?  Seriously.  Go through the full gallery.  It really is worth it.  It was some wedding.  So stop checking your Facebook updates for a while and go order another coffee — it will give you an excuse to go ogle the whole barista you like.  Also, enjoy…


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