Boudoir Fashion Photography with Miss Issy Love

Boudoir Fashion Photography…

Is it giving too much away if I tell you that Issy turned up to our shoot in Gloucester Place with her crushed afro jammed into a beaten-up carrier bag?  No, I don’t think it does to be honest.  Not with Issy anyway.  Issy who’s six foot plus in stockinged feet and who proceeded to pull out a range of impossibly heeled shoes.  Once the afro had been plucked and massaged and left to expand back to its former glory, then fitted, along with the shoes, Issy must have stood at a good seven foot tall for this shoot.  That makes the standing shots something of a challenge, because ideally you don’t really want to be shooting up at your subject.  (Because here, it should be noted, I am not seven foot tall myself.)  But then challenges make each shoot fun — and it’s not like Issy really has any bad angles anyway.  The setting wasn’t bad either.  The room we shot belongs to a client of mine who’s wedding I’d shot a few months earlier.  It’s basically a big studio masquerading as a living room, with amazing floor-to-ceiling windows that let in an incredible light.  This was a great afternoon, with a lovely team.

NB.  For the photography wonks among you might like to note that the first four shots were taken on film (Kodak Portra 400) on my Leica M7.  The rest were shot on my Canon 5D MKIII…

MUA: Daiva Kazlauskaite: [email protected]

Chairs, walls and impromptu wrap supplied by Al Griffiths:


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