Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer

Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer

I’m starting to become an old hand at Bethnal Green Town Hall hotel weddings, which is nice, a) because it’s on my doorstep in East London, and b) because it’s a great venue.  Mind you, being a great venue doesn’t make it an easy venue to shoot in.  I see it as one of those venues that’s much better for the guests than it is for the poor photographer.  Of course, that’s exactly the way round it should be.  I’m one lone voice in a hundred.  (In the same way as the wedding photographer is probably the one person in attendance not overly impressed with a bright sunny day.)  But the dark, woody reception rooms, while atmospheric certainly do offer their own challenges. The low ambient light means the camera is really made to work for it’s money.  If you wanted to be lazy about it you could always uses a flash.  But, for me, and indeed most modern documentary wedding photographers, a flash is the last thing you want to be using at a wedding.  Not only is it the quickest way to announce your presence it also robs the images of their natural light and the light the bride and groom will remember from their wedding day.  In short, the wedding photos will not conform to the memories of the day for the two most important people in the room.  And in this instance that was Tammy and Rob.  A thoroughly lovely, charming couple, who, despite, not really liking the limelight or the camera, look pretty great in front of it.  A special mention has to go the dress here: Tammy works for Stella McCartney and designed the dress herself.  It’s pretty special…

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  1. jumbojattdeo london

    Just wanted to say they are some of the best pictures I have ever seen at a wedding you captured the day and atmosphere perfectly. Thank you so much


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