BEST OF 2016 – Weddings, Portraits and Fashion


I’m not sure I have the energy to sum up 2016.  Luckily the photos are doing to do that for me.  All I’ll say is being a photographer is a beautifully random thing.  I’ve photographed everything from secret weddings to family shoots to fashion to Little Mix live and backstage to author portraits to surprise 40th birthday parties in Iceland, and ended the year photographing a private party that included the Duran Duran gang — and is the only one I can’t feature.  Looking back on all the images is beautiful and draining, confusing and uplifting.  It’s almost hard to know what unites them.  But hopefully what runs through the blog is a simple, unfussy way of shooting, a curious eye and a sense of the people in front of the  lens.  Oh… and I was also designated one of the top 30 wedding photographers in the world, thanks to Rangefinder magazine’s annual award.  But seriously, I need a lie down right now.

The images are a mixture of digital and film.



Cameras: Leica Q, Canon 5D MKIII, Mamiya 7, Nikon FM3a and Nikon FE2


  1. Caroline

    Awesome, all of them! I love your way of seeing the world.

  2. Carole

    Great collection!


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