BEST OF 2013 NON WEDDINGS | from fashion through to social documentary and back again


So right now for your delectation and delight — but mostly to kill time in the office over Christmas — is my Best Of 2013 Non Wedding round-up.  You’ll have to excuse the scattershot and ragbag nature of the collection.  Even a few years into this career now I’m still like a kid with a new toy.  So in front of you you have fashion shoots, from pin-up to neo burlesque (boudoir to laundrette), you have trannies and grannies, you have cows under soft light in fields in Donegal, and you have a belated honeymoon in Gokarna, India — with cows on the beach this time.  You have trips to Norway, trips to Southern Ireland, trips to the Ukrainian quarter of Peterborough.  You have photos the beautiful countryside and photos in seedy bars and clubs in London and on the streets of Westminster and Tower Hamlets.  Really there is no overriding factor in the collection.  Just one man and his camera (okay, cameras.  Some of these are shot on digital, some on film, some with a Canon, some with a Leica, and recently some with the unobtrusive Olympus OMD) and hopefully some kind of unifying eye.  Take a look.  See what you think…

BESTNW2013-2BESTNW2013-1 black and white pin up photography london BESTNW2013-4 BESTNW2013-5 gokarna beach photography indian travel photography BESTNW2013-8 BESTNW2013-9 walthamstow telephone exchange photography BESTNW2013-12 BESTNW2013-13 luchan britannia wedding ceremony BESTNW2013-15 ukrainians in peterborough BESTNW2013-17 BESTNW2013-18 black swan fashion photography bergen travel photography BESTNW2013-22 BESTNW2013-23 BESTNW2013-24 MUA fashion photography BESTNW2013-26 afro fashion photography BESTNW2013-28 BESTNW2013-29 marnie scarlet diva BESTNW2013-31 donegal cows donegal bulls BESTNW2013-34 donegal graveyard MiSsa blue bethnal green fashion photography clown burlesque portrait photography   romantic london street photographylondon underground street photographyBESTNW2013-40OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA laundrette burlesque photography


    • Nick Tucker

      Thanks Domi. 2014 is going to be even better. That’s the mission!

  1. Laura Babb

    Brilliant. Have a great Christmas and New Year.


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