Bambi Blue – Barracuda Girl

Katey Scott aka Bambi Blue – Barracuda Girl video shoot

So hot on the back of posting my first wedding blog of the year last week, here is my first burlesque blog in about four years.  To be fair that’s partly because I haven’t shot any burlesque in the past four years, but still, I probably shouldn’t hide behind that.  This shoot was so much fun I really should do more.  This is a behind the scenes from Katey Scott’s (aka Bambi Blue) Barracuda Girl video shoot.  Just the usual narrative: garage rock songstress mermaid kidnaps sailor, ties him up, sings to him, entrances him and ultimately takes him back to her watery lair.  I haven’t seen the video yet but there was a beautifully David Lynch feel to the sets and the mood going on here.  A dark nourish underworld of sirens, sailors, mermaids and midgets.  I would like to take credit for the lighting but that was all down to the excellent film crew.  Actually you know what, I will take credit for it.  Just totally undeserved credit.  Because apart from popping on a bit of flash for the club I shot this with the available set light on my Leica Q.  Locations were The Kings Head Club on Kingsland Road–which looks like absolutely nothing from the outside, and is a world of wonders inside–and Egg in Kings Cross, which I’ve been to before, but never in any way sober.  Katey has a beautifully infections personality which allowed her to call in favours from some very talented artists and performers, and just made the whole thing a lot of fun to be involved in.  I’ll update the blog when the video drops.  In the meantime, please enjoy the photos here for your delectation.  And I’ll see you in four years time…


  1. Hazel Jane

    Delicious and Sublime.
    *goes off to unearth mermaid tail from pirates trunk in attic

  2. Eric

    That’s absolutely super! Brilliant photography, make up, lighting etc…! I love it!


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