Babington House Wedding Photographer

Babington House Wedding Photographer

It’s not easy to be Babington House wedding photographer.  Their list of recommended vendors is locked down pretty tightly.  So after a couple of years in the game, this was my first wedding at Babington House and it could not have been a better introduction.  Just the most natural and easy going day imaginable.  Nick and Helen have known each other for thirty years, which will have a certain calming effect of course, but beyond that it’s just very much who they are as people, warm, engaging and relaxed.  I mean the groom was in jeans for Christ’s sake.  Coupled with the mood, it was a beautiful day, with a soft gauzy light and the perfect clement temperature for everyone to while away the afternoon drinking and playing games on the lawn.  The grounds are stunning and as a number of the family guests were staying in the log cabins towards the woods there was also opportunity to get a few ‘Clampett style family shots’ as Helen called them.  The whole day pretty much floated along and I left everyone drinking and dancing late into the night — including Helen’s delightful parents (see the final shot of the night).  I even got to retire to one of the amazing Babington House hotel rooms — which kind of had the edge on the tent I was in the week before, tbh.  Here then, are the photos.  Enjoy..


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