Award Winning Wedding Photography

Award Winning Wedding Photography

So further to my recent post’s point about burnout being an internal, rather than outwardly viewable, process I seem to have picked up another bit of Award Winning Wedding Photography in the shape of a new WPJA Masterpiece Award for a wedding that I really felt I was getting nothing at.  Again, this is an internationally recognised award judged by a panel of highly acclaimed photojournalists and picture editors from around the world–and not just in the wedding industry, but throughout the entire photographic industry.  So it really does go to show that our own brains are not the best indicators of the world around us.  But then I guess this is more and more self-evidently true.  As much as we like to think that we’re intelligent creatures who make decisions based on our intellect, humans are, at heart, emotional creatures.  Governments and corporations know this.  Trump and Farage ran their entire campaigns by ’emotionally hacking’  the core vulnerabilities that arise whenever there is a marked downturn in national economies — fear begets loathing to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson.  When you’re struggling to pay your bills you can be manipulated to fear anyone that could possibly threaten your apparently precarious way of life.  Despite the fact that the world’s richest one hundred people own more than the world’s poorest four billion combined, because that’s just too big.  And… Okay, sorry, where did that come from?  That’s not about wedding photography at all.  I’m now sitting here thinking ‘Do I delete that and just go back to writing about the way we perceive our own abilities and self-worth?’  But you know what, I’m not going to.  Let this be a short messy blog.  If it sounds random, it is.  And that’s okay, too.  The world is chaotic and people in power are becoming increasingly sophisticated at emotional hacking, I would expand on that but I’m too tired, plus Yuval Noah Harari does it much better anyway.  So then I have won a new WPJA photography award when I didn’t think I was going to, and it feels nice and that head-dress is AMAZING.  

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